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Why my website is not getting much traffic?

You probably hired a web designer or did it yourself to build your website some time ago. You recalled the site structure and design is decided mainly based on your best guess at a design that would please the client, or on looking at the competition’s sites. Your website has all the usual contents – Your home page tells your visitors who you are and what you do; The overall website talks about your products and services you offer and their features; There may be an FAQ page to answer common questions that your prospects may ask; There is some means to purchase or make further enquiries.

You realized that after several months launching your website, it doesn’t seem to get much traffic. You start wondering if it is still too early to get a big share of visitors or if there is really something wrong with your website. You are thinking of purchasing advertising, and also looking for other solutions to boost your website traffic.

So what are my solutions?